Programme of Conference                        List of Posters


Instructions for authors of talks:

- Prepare your talk in English
- Powerpoint presentation in format 16:9
- Plenary lecture – 45 minutes (including discussion)
- Invited lecture – 30 minutes (including discussion)
- Oral lecture – 20 minutes (including discussion)
- Lectures will be held in halls P31 (3rd floor) and P51 (5th floor)
- Upload your presentation to PC at the latest at the beginning of the break preceding your lecture


Instructions for authors of posters:

- Prepare your poster in English
- Format of the posters is A0 (119 x 84 cm) vertically orientated (portrait)
- Materials for mounting posters will be available on the poster panels
- Posters will be placed in the Aula in the 3rd floor
- Place your poster after lunch on the day of your presentation
- Remove your poster by the next morning
- Bring a bottle of your favorite local wine to your poster panel as the icebreaker (optional)



Lunches will be served in Academic canteen located in the building of Rector’s office of Masaryk University (it is different building from conference venue, 500 m by foot, approx.). The entrance is at Moravské náměstí 9 (map).


Plenary Speakers

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores - Advances and trends in sample preparation for analytical spectrometry

Detlef Günther - Recent developments in laserablation and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Yukihiro Ozaki - Chiral-Label-Free SERS and TERS Strategies for Chiral Discrimination


Keynote Speakers

Andreas Barth - Structure and interactions of amyloid-β peptide aggregates unraveled by novel infrared spectroscopy approaches

Ernest Beinrohr / František Čacho - High resolution continuum source AAS for determination of nonmetals

Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva - Identification of microplastics by micro-FTIR: Validation and uncertainty evaluation

Josef Čáslavský - IRMS on the tides of the past

Jiří Dědina - Employing  LIF and SIFT-MS to understand what happens in hydride atomizers

Olivier F. X. Donard - New opportunities in atomic spectrochemistry with hyphenated techniques with HR ICP/MS and MC ICP/MS when hyphenated with GC or laser ablation

Jörg Feldmann - Elemental speciation from metals, metalloids to non-metals in environmental science: successes and problems

Gábor Galbács - Nanoparticles in laser and plasma spectroscopy: detection and signal enhancement in gaseous, liquid and solid samples

Magnus Johnson - Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy studies of cellulose

Kristýna Kantnerová - Unravelling new isotopic dimensions of nitrous oxide by quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy

Eva Kočišová - Drop coating deposition Raman (DCDR) spectroscopy for sensitive detection of biologically important molecules

Martin Kopáni - Application of analytical techniques in the study of biological systems

Javier Laserna - Understanding the correlation of LIBS and acoustic measurements of rocks and soils found in the traverse of the Perseverance rover across the Jezero crater, Mars

Stefan Lis - Inorganic nanoluminophores containing Ln ions and their multifunctionalized systems focused on sensor and analytical applications

Michaela Matulová - Application of spectroscopic techniques for speciation analysis of I, Se and Fe used in studies of processes in the near- and far-field regions of spent nuclear fuel disposal system

Petr Neugebauer - Frequency Rapid Scan Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

Jorge Pisonero - GD- and LA-ICP- (TOFMS): two powerful spectroscopy techniques for fast high spatially resolved analysis

Vít Procházka - Mössbauer spectroscopy in gamma-optics, gamma-optics in Mössbauer spectroscopy

Dirk Schaumlöffel - Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for elemental bioimaging in cells and tissue

Andrea Vojs Staňová - Finding of needle in a haystack -- nontargeted mass spectrometry analysis of environmental samples

Vít Svoboda - Ultrafast time-resolved probes of chirality during photochemical reactions

Martin Šebesta - Different spectroscopic techniques for analysis of nanoparticles used in studies with soils, plants and filamentous fungi

Zdeněk Weiss - Excitation in a glow discharge and an inductively coupled plasma: similarities and differences

Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda - What metals/speciome can tell us about bioanalytics applied to health and plant science

Zhenli Zhu - Plasma induced chemical vapor generation: a new green and efficient sample introduction method for atomic spectroscopy


Ioannes Marcus Marci Medal Awards

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores    Detlef Günther    Yukihiro Ozaki