Schedule of Conference                         Programme of Conference                        List of Posters


Instructions for authors of talks:

- Prepare your talk in English
- Powerpoint presentation in format 16:9
- Plenary lecture – 45 minutes (including discussion)
- Invited lecture – 30 minutes (including discussion)
- Oral lecture – 20 minutes (including discussion)
- Lectures will be held in halls P31 (3rd floor) and P51 (5th floor)

Instructions for authors of posters:

- Prepare your poster in English
- Format of the posters is A0 (119 x 84 cm) vertically orientated (portrait)
- Materials for mounting posters will be available on the poster panels
- Posters will be placed in the Aula in the 3rd floor
- Bring a bottle of your favorite local wine to your poster panel as the icebreaker (optional)


Plenary Speakers

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores - Advances and trends in sample preparation for analytical spectrometry

Detlef Günther - will be specified later

Yukihiro Ozaki - Chiral-Label-Free SERS and TERS Strategies for Chiral Discrimination


Keynote Speakers

Andreas Barth - Structure and interactions of amyloid-β peptide aggregates unraveled by novel infrared spectroscopy approaches

Ernest Beinrohr / František Čacho - High resolution continuum source AAS for determination of nonmetals

Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva - Identification of microplastics by micro-FTIR: Validation and uncertainty evaluation

Josef Čáslavský - IRMS on the tides of the past

Jiří Dědina - Employing  LIF and SIFT-MS to understand what happens in hydride atomizers

Olivier F. X. Donard - New opportunities in atomic spectrochemistry with hyphenated techniques with HR ICP/MS and MC ICP/MS when hyphenated with GC or laser ablation

Jörg Feldmann - Elemental speciation from metals, metalloids to non-metals in environmental science: successes and problems

Gábor Galbács - Nanoparticles in laser and plasma spectroscopy: detection and signal enhancement in gaseous, liquid and solid samples

Detlef Günther - will be specified later

Magnus Johnson - Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy studies of cellulose

Kristýna Kantnerová - Unravelling new isotopic dimensions of nitrous oxide by quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy

Eva Kočišová - Drop coating deposition Raman (DCDR) spectroscopy for sensitive detection of biologically important molecules

Martin Kopáni - Application of analytical techniques in the study of biological systems

Javier Laserna - Understanding the correlation of LIBS and acoustic measurements of rocks and soils found in the traverse of the Perseverance rover across the Jezero crater, Mars

Stefan Lis - Inorganic nanoluminophores containing Ln ions and their multifunctionalized systems focused on sensor and analytical applications

Michaela Matulová - Application of spectroscopic techniques for speciation analysis of I, Se and Fe used in studies of processes in the near- and far-field regions of spent nuclear fuel disposal system

Petr Neugebauer - Frequency Rapid Scan Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

Jorge Pisonero - GD- and LA-ICP- (TOFMS): two powerful spectroscopy techniques for fast high spatially resolved analysis

Vít Procházka - Mössbauer spectroscopy in gamma-optics, gamma-optics in Mössbauer spectroscopy

Dirk Schaumlöffel - Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for elemental bioimaging in cells and tissue

Andrea Vojs Staňová - Finding of needle in a haystack -- nontargeted mass spectrometry analysis of environmental samples

Vít Svoboda - Ultrafast time-resolved probes of chirality during photochemical reactions

Martin Šebesta - Different spectroscopic techniques for analysis of nanoparticles used in studies with soils, plants and filamentous fungi

Zdeněk Weiss - Excitation in a glow discharge and an inductively coupled plasma: similarities and differences

Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda - What metals/speciome can tell us about bioanalytics applied to health and plant science

Zhenli Zhu - Plasma induced chemical vapor generation: a new green and efficient sample introduction method for atomic spectroscopy


Ioannes Marcus Marci Medal Awards

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores    Detlef Günther    Yukihiro Ozaki