Invited speakers

Kristýna Kantnerová

Kristýna Kantnerová obtained a master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and Quality Engineering at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. She conducted her master thesis in the Molecular Electrochemistry group at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences.

During PhD, she was developing a quantum cascade laser based (QCLAS) method for the analysis of doubly substituted ("clumped") isotopic species of nitrous oxide and exploring their biogeochemical applications. The work was performed in the groups of Dr. Joachim Mohn at Empa Dübendorf and Prof. Stefano Bernasconi at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The PhD thesis was awarded four prestigious awards: the ETH Medal, the Chorafas Prize, the METAS Award 2021 and the ACP Award 2021.

Afterwards, she was working as a postdoctoral researcher on an automated preconcentration unit coupled with a QCLAS instrument for isotopic analysis of nitrous oxide in the group of Prof. Johan Six at ETH Zurich. Starting 2022, Kristýna is a postdoctoral fellow at University of Colorado Boulder, United States. Her project on a method development of isotope analysis of the oxyanions nitrate and phosphate by electrospray ionization-Orbitrap mass spectrometry is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


Dr. Kristýna Kantnerová

University of Colorado Boulder, Geological Sciences

& INSTAAR – Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

Boulder, CO 80309

United States of America