Invited speakers

Stefan Lis

He received his Ph.D. (1986) and D.Sc. (1995) degrees in inorganic and analytical chemistry at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, where he has been a full professor and the Head of the Department of Rare Earths (2003-2020). He conducted scientific research in the Florida State University, was a research fellow or visiting professor at research centers in Japan,  the Czech Republic, Germany, the USA, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and China.  His scientific interests are focused on basic and applied research in the field of complexes, materials and nanomaterials based on rare earths. The research concerns: emission processes, structural and photo-physical studies of lanthanide (Ln) systems, including: development of new analytical methods for the determination of substances of biochemical importance based on Ln(III) luminescence; multifunctional nanostructures; core/shell nanoparticles doped with Ln ions and their surface functionalized systems; application in biology; nanomanometry, nanothermometry; anti-counterfeiting systems, etc. He is the author/co-author: over 260 scientific papers, 2 books, several book chapters, 9 patents; delivered over 100 invited lectures at international scientific conferences and congresses, was the chairman and/or member of many scientific committees of international conferences; and PI of 11 research projects. He was awarded, among others, the Minister of Science, Gold Medal for Long Service by the President of Poland, Medal of Jan Zawidzki of the Polish Chemical Society, Honorary Membership Dignity of the Polish Chemical Society for outstanding scientific achievements and a particularly important contribution to Polish chemistry.


Prof. dr hab. Stefan Lis

Department of Rare Earths

Faculty of Chemistry

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 8

61-614 Poznań, POLAND